A Year-Long communication development program designed especially for Leadership and Management Teams

  $59,000 per team (accommodates up to 12 participants)

Quarterly workshops and semi-private coaching


When key information is not cascaded and supervisors feel frustrated by inconsistencies, it is imperative for leaders on all levels to communicate effectively, motivate their teams and to become part of the decision making process. A single training workshop may serve as a beginning, but when dealing with the need to break old habits, inspire new ones, and enact long term organic change, follow up and reinforcement are critical.

The ability to exhibit clear communication skills is essential for all members of the leadership and management teams’. A critical challenge of the team is to influence, persuade, and inspire others in a way that fosters a culture of communication.  Leaders need to understand the importance of working as a team to communicate key information and know how, when, and why to use the most effective techniques.  Acquiring the tools and skills to understand the importance of working as a team is the primary goal of this learning program.

This year long learning experience has a strong emphasis on follow up.  It is comprised of four modules of group learning with individual coaching conducted in between each module.  Each module will consist of a two-day workshop that will have a two-hour coaching session that follows the workshop. Each module will teach critical communication skills required for Assistant General Managers, Area Operating Managers, and Supervisors to effectively connect with listeners in formal and informal communications. Participants will learn the importance of working as a team as they provide coaching feedback to each other. The overall goal of the program is to help participants strengthen their individual and leadership communication skills to foster a culture of communication throughout the organization.

Working with Multiple Coaches

Working with multiple coaches

When conducting training for an entire company of hundreds or thousands, consistency is critical.  Many training companies call upon their “regular contractors”  who may also run their own separate businesses and join teams only when a big project comes along. The TSIC coaching team regularly works closely together. Each month, the entire team comes off of the road to spend an entire day together to discuss industry trends, learn and debate new research, and develop the close relationships needed to work as a true team when helping clients.

This workshop may be conducted by a single coach or a team of coaches.  When we work as a team,  one coach will be chosen as the lead.  The other coaches will check in regularly with the lead coach.  This approach has served us and our clients well.  When HR or Training need to provide feedback or check in, it’s always clear where they can go!   Also, throughout the course of the project, your coaching team will meet regularly to discuss issues, trends, and strategies along to way.  None of our coaches are running their own businesses on the side. This allows for a higher level of attention to detail with every client and the overall success of the course.

Topics Covered

Participants will be invited to bring their concerns to each session. In addition, we may cover the following:

  • Understanding Listeners’ Needs Delegating
  • Giving Feedback Corrective Feedback
  • Being Organized Handling Defensiveness
  • Being Persuasive Leadership Communication
  • Motivating Others • Fostering a Sense of Team
  • Problem Solving Meeting Skills
  • Mentoring / Modeling
  • Coaching Skills
Methods Used

This year long program will begin with a powerful two-day workshop setting the foundation for leadership and management communication.  We recommend that each workshop size is 12 participants.  These groups will stay together throughout the learning process.  The groups will meet for a two-day workshop each quarter.  During the workshops, they will be placed into smaller groups of four participants for  “real play” practice, discussion and feedback.  These smaller groups will meet with the coach for a two-hour coaching session each quarter for follow up and retention.  They will have homework to connect with each other about daily interactions which will be reviewed during the small group coaching sessions.  The groups will learn to be accountable to each other and their coach.   Some people may join the coaching sessions via skype of similar video technology if travel is a concern.

The instructor will use a combination of, discussion, demonstration, teaching, and practice with critique and feedback coaching.  Topics are introduced in a graduated fashion.  That is, each topic will build on the skills learned in the previous topic.  Of course, flexibility and responsiveness is built into program for unannounced needs that might arise.

Below is an example of a possible quarterly agenda based on our initial phone call.  The final will be further customized based on input from key influencers.   Each session will build on lessons learned in prior sessions to ensure consistency and reinforcement.

Sample Curriculum

Q1:  Introduction to Management Communication

  • Connecting with Listeners
  • Building Relationships
  • Handling Defensiveness
  • Controlling Attitudes (yours and others)
  • Practice Techniques

Q2:   Developing Your Team

  • Performance Evaluation Conversations
  • Coaching Feedback
  • Providing Corrective Feedback
  • How to Mentor
  • Practice Techniques

Q3:  Dealing with Challenging People & Situations

  • Handling Defensiveness
  • Stressful Moments
  • Problem Solving (Participating in decisions)
  • Selective Agreement

Q4:  Developing Your Management & Leadership Communication Style

  • How You Look & Sound
  • Organizing Thoughts
  • Speaking to Motivate
  • Practice Strategies

Each participant will receive print materials and a copy of Dr. Ethan Becker’s book, Mastering Communication at Work: How to Lead, Manage and Influence.  Every effort will be made to provide an informal, informative and interactive environment.

Each of our coaches are formally educated at the graduate level or beyond in order to provide a quality educational value.  This allows coaches to further customized the experience for maximum engagement of listeners.  You may choose the coaches you feel are the best fit for your organization.

Investment Information

The total year-long investment per group of 12 leaders is $59,000. This investment amount includes all program preparation and development; four two-day workshops, twenty-four hours of small group coaching sessions (broken down into twelve, two-hour coaching sessions), twelve copies of Dr. Ethan F. Becker’s best selling book, Mastering Communication at Work: How to Lead, Manage, and Influence, all participant handout materials, and travel to and from Connecticut. Hotel charges will be billed separately as needed.

Additional phone time with participants that consists of phone calls fifteen minutes or less, email and other correspondence are considered part of the learning experience, therefore there is no additional charge.

If this program is conducted in a location requiring air travel, there are additional travel fees.

Any additional individual coaching is needed at our office, or via phone or skype it is billed at $400 per hour, and scheduled as needed upon the request.

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