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Author: Laurie Schloff

10 Jul 5 Reasons to Say Goodbye to Shy

By Laurie Schloff, Senior Coaching Partner There’s nothing wrong with introspection – some of the time. Most of us fall somewhere on the shyness spectrum, ranging from folks who are quiet by choice (or because they’re afraid of expressing themselves) to people who are reflective and...

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18 Aug Steven Slater: Service Traitor

By Laurie Schloff, Senior Coaching Partner Hello people, rationality calling. I feel real bad for Steven Slater.  Most of us would forgive him for reaching the flying freak out point one hot day in August. We got the laugh and the vicarious revenge.  Apparently, many Americans are so...

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02 Dec The New Boss-Dynamo or Dudsville?

by Laurie Schloff, Senior Coaching Partner Hal Gordon, a member of The Professional Speakers group on LinkedIN provoked my thinking about what style of leadership is working well these days. Mr. Gordon prompted us to reflect on the November 12 issue of the Economist, which included a...

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by Laurie Schloff/Senior Coaching Partner Bravo to columnist and author of the new book I See Rude People by Amy Alkon. Fed up, she invoices telemarketers for interrupting her evening peace, and makes considerate calls to tell others they lack consideration.  I was shocked to find that Amy lives...

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